Billing Automation Software

An automated billing software can save your time and increase accuracy of the billing system.Now a days everything is going digital.Using automated billing makes your service smart and attractive to clients and save their time too. InReal Technology Co. is providing rich & efficient Billing Automation Software in Dhaka Bangladesh with effective features.


  •  Create templates for all the services provided with their price
  •  Set currencies to be used in this application
  •  User can edit and copy a template for future use
  •  Add new associate services and save their information
  •  Create new client and save information
  •  Create and send quotation to client
  •  Add more then one services in quotations
  •  Modify the pricing in Quotations, set discounts
  •  All the quotations can be sent as a PDF file
  •  Track pending, closed and deleted quotations
  •  Follow up on Pending Quotations
  •  Calculate service Tax and TDS
  •  Create and send Invoice to client
  •  Add more then one service in Invoice
  •  Calculate discounts
  •  Add Service Tax details, Pan number and account number details
  •  Track pending, closed and deleted Invoices
  •  Follow up on Pending Invoices
  •  Generate reports
  •  Email notifications


  •  Increase revenue, decrease TCO
  •  Enhance customer experience
  •  Send invoices on a timely manner
  •  Set discounts in quotations and Invoices to be send to clients
  •  Track and follow up on quotations and invoices
  •  Improve cash management